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3 Tips To Remain Healthy This Halloween!

Halloween time is very exciting here in Saint Johns County with so many kids out trick-or-treating in this area! However we do know with Halloween time comes eating a lot of sugar and candy and taking a step backwards in most of our health goals for the weekend.

Most people know that consuming excess sugar makes us feel bloated, tired and fatigued, and can contribute to weight gain. But most people do not realize that eating high amounts of sugar can lead to increased risk of musculoskeletal aches and pains including low back pain, tendinitis, and arthritis.

When we eat high amounts of sugar that are found in the delicious candy that we eat around Halloween time, this raises our blood sugar levels. High and unstable blood sugar levels lead to increased risk of having pain and achiness in our body. Fortunately, there are several different things we can do to counteract the spike in our blood sugar during Halloween time and we are going to highlight three of the most simple ways to normalize your blood sugar when eating a lot of candy!

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3 Ways To Keep Your Health In Check During Halloween

#1 – Drink Extra Water

One of the most simple ways to lower your blood sugar levels is to drink extra water. As we mentioned earlier, high blood sugar levels can lead to increased risk of tendonitis and low back pain. A simple solution to avoid an increased risk of tendonitis and low back pain is to just drink more water!

Sounds easy enough! In general, we should aim to drink close to 50% of our body weight in fluid ounces of water. You may even want to aim a little higher during Halloween weekend! So, if you are 150 pounds, you should be drinking at least 75 ounces of water over this time period where you will likely be eating more sugar than normal.

#2 – Consistent Exercise

Nothing burns sugar and excess carbohydrates like exercise does. Exercising consistently is a great way to increase insulin sensitivity and keep blood sugar down. The good news is that you don’t have to do two hours of high intensity exercise to keep your blood sugar down.

Perform exercise that you enjoy and that works well with your schedule. For some people, they would rather go to the gym and exercise hard for 45 minutes and then get on with your day. Some people would rather be active around the house and go for walks frequently. As long as you are staying active and challenging your body, you will help work off the holiday eating!

#3 – Eat Low Sugar Foods

Since we know that you will be eating high sugar foods when it comes to your candy or your kids’ candy, it is important to make healthy choices when planning the rest of your meals. Low sugar foods including meat, eggs, vegetables, and fruits like berries are good options to keep your blood sugar normalized.

Try to avoid high carbohydrate and high sugar foods like bread, pizza, pasta, and other foods that are higher in carbohydrates in the lower in nutritional value.

Recover From Low Back Pain in Saint Johns, FL

All too often, we have a great time celebrating the holiday but then our body and our health pays for it in the days and weeks following the holidays. As we mentioned earlier, conditions such as low back pain and tendinitis happen when our body has increased inflammation and a decreased ability to regulate our blood sugar. This article was designed to make sure that you can enjoy your holiday well not allowing your health to greatly suffer!


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