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Golfer Swinging a Golf Club | A Woman Grabbing Her Back and Shoulder in Pain | Free Guide to Chiropractic Care | St. Johns Chirorpactic & Performance

Safeguard Your Golf Game and Protect Your Back at Work | Free Guide to Chiropractic

Do you suffer from pain while playing golf or sitting in an office chair? If so, you can benefit from our free guide to chiropractic care for golfers and office workers.

At St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance in St. Johns, Florida, our team of qualified medical professionals and doctors of chiropractic care have years of experience providing exceptional health care to our patients. We use our knowledge about chiropractic care and sports injuries to create helpful guides like our Injury-Free Golfing Guide and Preventing Low Back Pain in Office Workers guide to prevent injuries and aid recovery. 

Safeguard Your Golf Game and Protect Your Back at Work | Free Guide to Chiropractic

Golf is a fun, low-impact sport, but that doesn’t mean it won’t cause injuries. People often assume that the sport isn’t dangerous or hard on the body because it involves swinging a lightweight golf club without running, tackling, or heavy lifting.

Still, many golfers get hurt yearly, and the statistics tend to increase for avid golfers. If you play golf regularly for about three years, you’re more likely to have at least one serious injury due to the game. 

Another assumption about golf is that only older people are at risk for injuries, but that’s inaccurate. While the prevalence of injuries increases with age, many professional golfers in their 20s and 30s also experience severe golf-related injuries

Common Golf Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Low back pain is the most common injury among golfers. The pain tends to occur within the middle of the lower back or the back’s left side for right-handed golfers. It could happen when your club connects with the golf ball or when you complete the swing and twist your back. 

Other golf-related issues include overuse of your forearm muscles and connective tissues and foot or knee pain due to a lack of stability or mobility.

Take a proactive approach to golf injury prevention. Seek an evaluation from a healthcare professional to learn if your body has any mobility or stability problems. You might be unintentionally overcompensating for physical deficits. Chiropractic treatment and soft tissue therapy can help. 

Low Back Pain in Office Workers | Causes and Consequences

Working an office job can cause serious low back pain. In our free guide to chiropractic care for office workers, we outline how people sustain this particular injury. 

For example, you’re likely to develop low back pain if you sit for more than half of each work shift, especially if you’re using a chair with minimal support or work at a desk with poor ergonomics. Low back pain can also develop if you:

  • Constantly bend forward
  • Stand for over two hours
  • Have weak back and core muscle

With persistent low back pain and stiffness, you might not enjoy your hobbies and physical activities as much. This back pain could also escalate to sciatica pain, which will radiate down your hips and legs without treatment. Accessing our free guide to chiropractic care can prevent this pain from escalating.

Preventing Low Back Pain in the Office Worker

If you must work while sitting, make sure you have an ergonomic office chair with good lumbar support. It also helps to sit with your chest up and push your shoulders back. However, it’s better to make small changes to your posture every ten minutes to keep your muscles, tendons, and ligaments from adapting to a single position. 

The same goes for working at standing desks. Only stand for 30 minutes at a time, and regularly shift your posture. 

A great low back pain prevention method involves taking micro-breaks. Get up from your desk at least once every hour and move your body for five minutes. Take a walk around the room or stretch in your area.

Safeguard Your Golf Game and Protect Your Back at Work

If you’re an office worker or golfer looking for a free guide to chiropractic care, you’ve come to the right place. At St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance, we work with many patients, including golfers and office workers with low back pain and other pain problems. 

We’ll review your health history and examine you before creating a customized treatment plan targeting the source of your pain. We also provide free guides with more details, tips, and exercises for specific injuries. 

Contact St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance in St. John, Florida at (904) 217-7078 for your free guide to chiropractic care.