Step Up Your Game | Improving Foot Function for High Arches

A Doctor Measuring a Patient's Foot For High Arch Support Insoles | St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance

Finding Relief for High Arches: Enhancing Foot Function If you experience frequent pain or tightness in your foot’s joints, high arches could be to blame. People with high-arched feet have to overcome a few challenges due to the positioning of the arch of their feet. This issue can lead to ankle instability, shin splints, knee […]

The Best Treatment for Your Foot Pain

Do you have annoying foot pain that will not go away? We know that foot pain and plantar fasciitis affects many adults, kids, athletes, and people who are on the move. In addition to the pain you may feel with each step you take, it often forces you to slow down many of your activities […]

A Thorough Exam for Your Foot Pain

In our last blog titled,  “Why Do You Have Foot Pain?,” we discussed how frustrating and debilitating foot pain and plantar fasciitis can be. It can take you out of your work, home, and exercise routine and force you to slow down. We also talked about a few of the most common causes for plantar […]

Why Do You Have Foot Pain?

Are you someone who wants to get back to your normal exercise routine, but every time you start to run your foot flares up again? Or you wake up knowing you have a full schedule of household duties and shuttling the kids around, but when time you step out of bed in the morning, you […]