Why Movement-based Therapy Is the Key to Treating Back and Neck Pain

Woman With Back Pain | Why Movement-Based Therapy is the Key to Treating Neck and Back Pain | St. Johns Chiropractic

The Problems Caused by Sedentary Lifestyles Do you spend your days behind a desk and your evenings binge-watching your favorite show? You’re leading a sedentary lifestyle, meaning your hours of inactivity far outweigh the time you spend moving your body. Lack of physical activity causes problems like weight gain, inflammation, poor circulation, and loss of […]

Get The Best Treatment For Neck Pain While Swimming!

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Having neck pain caused by swimming is tough, but finding the best treatment for neck pain just got easier with the team at St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance. Limitations in your ability to move and shooting pains can inhibit regular tasks, which prevents you from living the healthiest lifestyle possible. In our last article, we […]