Is Strength Training Safe for Youth Athletes?

Many parents, grandparents, coaches, and medical professionals are conflicted and skeptical about strength training for the adolescents and youth athletes. Many questions are asked including, “Is strength training safe for my child? Will large amounts of training stunt their growth? Does weight-training cause growth plate injuries?” These are all very valid questions to ask and […]

Monday Myth #5 – Uneven Leg Length is Causing Your Low Back Pain!

This is the the 5th edition of our Monday myths series! This is where we take a myth in the chiropractic or health industry, break it down, and replace it with an even better truth!  Monday Myth #5 is that your leg length discrepancy or slight difference in hip height is causing your low back pain or is going to cause you […]

Monday Myth #4 – Your Persistent Low Back Pain Needs Surgery!

Many people struggle with persistent low back pain that does not seem to go away. When the low back pain does go away, it is short-lived and seems to come back rather quickly. Many of these people have tried “everything” and their belief is that they must need surgery in order to gain lasting relief! […]

You Are Invited To Our Grand Opening

As Saint Johns’s newest Chiropractor, we are excited to announce our grand opening and we’d like to invite you!  On Thursday October 14th, we will be having our ribbon cutting through the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce!  The event starts at 3:00 pm with the ribbon cutting which will take place outside. Following the […]

Monday Myths #3! – Low Back Pain calls for Rest!

In week three of our Monday Myth series, we’re going to talk about a very common belief that the best thing for your low back pain is to get rest and avoid your normal hobbies and activities. Then we’re going to replace this myth with an even better truth! This very common belief about low back pain is a myth. […]

Monday Myth #2! – Your Spine Goes Out of Alignment!

In our second edition of our Monday Myth series, we are going to talk about your spine going out of alignment. We will take this chiropractic myth, break it down, and then we replace it with an even better truth! This is one of the longest standing and most popular chiropractic myths! A lot of our […]