St. Johns Moms Event At Burn Boot Camp!

As we mentioned last week, we were at the local Saint Johns Burn Boot Camp this past Saturday for their event with St. Johns Moms and St. Johns Dads! We were honored to be in attendance for their Saturday morning fitness camps and classes! People with sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, low back injuries and […]

The Best Recovery From Football Soreness & Injury!

This month, our Saint Johns clinic is hosting “In-Season Recovery Tips for Football Players!” We will have two different sessions for local high school football players to come check out our clinic and have a free recovery session. The session will also teach the players what they can be doing at home on a regular […]

Chiropractic in Saint Johns, FL on Labor Day!

Our clinic in Saint Johns is open on Labor Day (September 5th) for existing patients & we are accepting new patients! If you are having low back pain, sciatica, neck pain, or an injury that needs through assessment & rehabilitation, we have you covered on your day off! We treat all conditions from head to […]

St. Johns Moms Event This Saturday At Burn Boot Camp!

Come join us this Saturday, September 3 at our local Burn Boot Camp here in Saint Johns, Florida! Burn Boot Camp is hosting an event for the St. Johns Moms and St. Johns Dads groups! This awesome event will take place at 10:30 on Saturday morning at the Saint Johns Burn Boot Camp location right […]

How to Avoid Low Back Pain During Football Season!

When we think of low back pain, we often think about adults and hardly consider the fact that many kids, teenagers, and youth athletes have low back pain as well. Many high school football players for example, suffer low back pain during football season and have aches and soreness in their low back throughout the […]

The Best Recovery Tips For High School Football Players!

We take our football very seriously here in the south! And it is that time of year that football practices have started! The athletes are certain to have a lot of soreness, aches, and pains during the first few weeks of practice and even as the season goes on. The beginning of the season often […]