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Hit Golf Balls Further With Our Team

What if I told you the answer to hit golf balls further was as simple as coming to our clinic and getting an adjustment? Of course, that’s far from all that we do here but it’s true that it’ll help your golf game! It was proven in a research study back in 2009. This study took 43, experienced, middle-aged, male golfers with a similar handicap and split them up into two groups. Group 1 hit some golf balls with their driver and then went through a supervised stretching routine.

After the stretching routine they went back on the range and hit some more golf balls with their driver. Group 2 and the study started off the same way. They hit some shots with the same club but then this group underwent spinal manipulation (chiropractic adjustment) in addition to a supervised stretching routine before going back out and hitting some more golf balls with the driver.

The length of every shot off the tee was measured by data collectors for each golfer. Then this protocol was repeated once a week for 4 straight weeks and data was collected each time. Throughout the 4 weeks, group 1 had minimal statistical difference on their yardage before and after stretching and they actually lost a little bit of distance on their drive. Group 2 did not however.

All 4 sessions that were done one week apart consistently showed that shot distance increased after combining spinal manipulation with stretching. During one week, it averaged out to a 9 yard increase in the drives by the 23 golfers in group 2. It may not sound like a lot but if a simple therapy like manipulation can deliver an improvement like that after being average out among 23 golfers, that is something to pay attention to.

Helping The Golfers in St. Johns County

At St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance, we help youth athletes and active adults get out of pain quickly and rehab their injuries so that they can stay out of pain! Dr. Grant Speer has helped many local golfers of all ages in Saint Johns, Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville, and St. Augustine! He is TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) certified and runs all of his golfers through a comprehensive examination that is specific to the golf swing!

For more information on common golf injuries, check out our previous blog posts. If you are ready to get back to playing a round of golf pain-free or hit golf balls further, call our office today or schedule an appointment below!

How Can Adjustments Help You Hit Further?

Although the above study is very impressive and exciting, it should not be a surprise to those who are familiar with chiropractic or the chiropractic research. Spinal manipulation is known in the research and in every clinic across the world to help people get out of pain but it is also excellent for improving mobility in the spine and the other joints of the extremities.

In the study, a well-trained and experienced chiropractor examined and the golfers for dysfunctional spinal segments. This basically means that he or she assessed the backs and necks of each golfer and found areas of the spine that were not moving properly. After finding these restricted areas, the sports chiropractor then performed adjustments to those areas to get them moving more freely.

Many people associate chiropractic with helping with low back pain, sciatica, heachaches, muscle strains, and other injuries; but it can also improve sports performance even if you do not have pain! Adjustments increase mobility by loosening tight muscles and soft tissues, decreasing local pain, and by freeing up restricted joints.

Treating Golfers Near Jacksonville, Florida

Our conveniently located clinic in northern St. Johns County utilizes chiropractic adjustments, soft-tissue therapy, myofascial release, sports cupping, rehabilitation exercises, Normatec compression therapy, and help you in many ways as an athlete. Our goal is to keep you pain-free, balanced, moving well, and give you the mobility you need to perform your best in any sport.

Though we may not be able to make you Bryson Dechambeau overnight, it is our goal to help you hit golf balls further and achieve your physical golf goals! Whether you play in World Golf Village, the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club, TPC Sawgrass, or in Palm Valley; we have the solutions to your golfing needs! Find the best therapist in 32259 by scheduling here!


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