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The Best Recovery From Football Soreness & Injury!

This month, our Saint Johns clinic is hosting “In-Season Recovery Tips for Football Players!” We will have two different sessions for local high school football players to come check out our clinic and have a free recovery session. The session will also teach the players what they can be doing at home on a regular basis in order to minimize risk of injury, decrease soreness, and recover faster between practices and games.

We wanted to host these sessions because we know high school sports can be a lot on the athlete. Long practices (sometimes multiple in a day), hard training sessions, and long hours in the classroom can be stressful and take a toll on your body. We wanted to offer some free advice (as we did in a recent blog post) and show athletes what they can be doing to counteract this stress!

On Thursday September 8th, we will host a recovery session for the Ponte Vedra High School football team at 6:00 pm. On Monday September 15th, we will host an open recovery session for the football players at Creekside, Bartram Trail, Mandarin, Beachside, Tocoi, and all other high schools.

These sessions are completely free and will aim to teach the players what they can do to stay mobile and experience less soreness during the season! Both sessions will be at St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance and will be led by Dr. Grant Speer.

Experience Evaluating Sports Injuries!

Dr. Grant Speer is a chiropractor and certified strength & conditioning coach who is passionate about helping youth athletes and active adults perform the activities they love at their full capacity and without pain!

Grant and his wife Kaylee are both former high school and college athletes who know what it is like to juggle the tough schedule of sports with the long hours of school. They both have many years of experience treating and working with athletes to make sure they are playing their sport in optimal shape!

Normatec Recovery in Saint Johns, Florida

During these sessions, Dr. Speer will walk the players through some research as to how the best athletes in the world recover after hard training sessions. He will then demonstrate some simple stretches and movements that the players can do on a regular basis to ensure that they have the mobility in their muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, and nerves to be able to recover from strenuous activity night in and night out.

We will also have our normatec compression therapy boots out for the athletes to get a free session on! The normatec compression boots are proven to help athletes recover faster and they help decrease soreness and muscle fatigue, while improving blood flow! Many of our patients and athletes take advantage of our affordable pricing for our compression boots. Feel free to call our clinic and schedule a free session and see how they can improve your recovery!

Youth athlete using Normatec compression therapy
Call our clinic to get a free session of Normatec Compression Therapy!

Treating Football Injuries near Jacksonville

All the athletes attending the sessions will walk away with instructions for performing these movements on a daily basis to help with her recovery. In that paper, Dr. Speer has discussed why these exercises are important to perform on a regular basis. We have also attached a video here in this article walking you through those same movements if you forget how to perform them properly at home. Please call our clinic for any further questions regarding the exercises.

If you were not able to make the session but would like to know what the exercises are, feel free to watch the video and perform the exercise at home form for improved recovery. These should be done once daily to decrease soreness, increase mobility, & decrease injury risk!

These exercises should also be painless. If you are having pain while doing these exercises, something is off with the muscles or joints in your body. If this is the case or if you suffer an injury during football, please contact our clinic as soon as possible!

These movements can help prevent conditions and injuries such as low back pain, sciatica, knee injuries, shoulder pain, and neck pain. However, if you already have pain or an injury; you may need more volume of certain exercises or different treatment altogether! Schedule an appointment with us to get evaluated by a sports injury professional!



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