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Is the Low Back Pain you feel right now from Deadlifting?

The St. Johns community is a very active and health-conscious neighborhood. There are thousands of youth athletes playing football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and many other sports year-round. There are also many active adults participating in golf, resistance training, running, walking, and more at all times!

Even though exercise is crucial to your overall health, it is common for injuries to occasionally sink in and start affecting your workouts in other parts of your life as well. Does this mean that exercise is the problem?

It does not matter if it is neck pain, foot and ankle pain, shoulder pain, tendinitis, or any other injury, it’s important to note that it is very difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of pain in any given situation. It is usually a multitude of factors playing a role in sports injuries and pain. In today’s article we will break down a common scenario that we see – low back pain while deadlifting.

Treating Low Back Pain near Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Grant Speer has many years of expertise when it comes to helping active adults and athletes achieve their health goals. He is a sports chiropractor and certified strength and conditioning specialist who committed to helping those in the St. Johns area live pain-free lives while performing the activities they love.

Whether you injured yourself playing a sport, lifting weights, or just woke up with pain one morning; Dr. Speer can provide you a thorough diagnosis and work with you to offer affordable solutions. St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance is here to help you with your physical and athletic goals!

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Lifting Injuries near Saint Johns, Florida

As we mentioned previously, it is common to hear about low back pain when deadlifting or immediately after finishing the lift. Deadlifting is a common lift often used to gain strength, power, or force and to build muscle mass and bone density. The movement is similar to a traditional squat except is requires your hips to hinge backward more and it is often less stressful on the knees.

It is true that dead letting put a large amount of stress on the low back or lumbar spine. This is because of the angle that your body is in plus any weight that is added to the situation. The low back sometimes becomes a hinge point where much of the stress gets centered onto from the weight. This can cause joint pain and muscle strains to occur and even disc herniations or bugles in some situations.

When we round or flex our lumbar spine, this typically is even at more of a risk for low back pain while deadlifting. What does this mean that if you have low back pain when you dead lift, that deadlifting is the issue? Certainly not.

A Detailed Assessment near Nocatee, Florida

Many of our awesome Saint Johns, Florida patients come to us with low back pain during their dead lift. After going through a comprehensive examination and gathering information about their lifestyle, we often find other factors that are contributing to their low back pain. These can include sitting for long periods of time, an inflammatory diet, high amounts of stress from work or life at home, poor posture, inconsistent sleeping habits, and much more! All of these factors in many others can contribute to go back pain that is felt when deadlifting.

Even though you may not have pain when eating an inflammatory diet or when you get stressed at work, these can all add up and bring on pain when your low back is under the most load (deadlifting). There can also be other physical or mechanical factors that we find during our evaluation that can contribute to low back pain including limited hip mobility, poor motor control of the core musculature, mid-back stiffness, and more!

There are many reasons for having low back pain when you deadlift and the deadlift itself is not always the problem! We offer our Saint Johns, Florida patients a thorough chiropractic evaluation and a comprehensive exam so that we can find out why they are having low back pain while they dead lift! We then target our treatment towards these limiting factors and get our patients back to deadlifting and all forms of physical exercise pain-free! Come see a therapist that is concerned about your goals!

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