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St. Johns Moms Event At Burn Boot Camp!

As we mentioned last week, we were at the local Saint Johns Burn Boot Camp this past Saturday for their event with St. Johns Moms and St. Johns Dads! We were honored to be in attendance for their Saturday morning fitness camps and classes!

People with sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, low back injuries and more all stopped by our table to get evaluated and receive some treatment! We are so thankful for our relationship with the Saint Johns Burn Boot Camp and their awesome staff! We are grateful to be able to provide chiropractic care, soft-tissue therapy, injury rehabilitation, and more to make sure their members and staff stay mobile and pain-free so that they can reach their fitness goals!

Kaylee and Grant thoroughly enjoy being able to help the active community in Saint Johns as their trusted option for chiropractic & injury recovery! We help all age groups recover from all musculoskeletal conditions! This includes disc injuries, headaches, knee and shoulder pain, and more!

Injury Recovery for Athletes in Saint Johns, Florida

If you are having pain or tightness with exercise and it is limiting you from reaching your potential, stop by or call our clinic! We would love to get to know you and discuss how we can get you feeling and moving better than before your injury occurred!



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