How To Prevent Youth Sports Injury

A Tennis Player Grabbing Their Shin in Pain With A Tennis Racquet on the Ground | How to Prevent a Youth Sports Injury | St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance

Youth sports and physical activity offers numerous advantages to participating children. These activities burn calories, improve cardiovascular health, raise metabolism, and improve mobility and core strength. A positive knock-on effect of youth sports is that the children imbibe the exercise culture and grow with it. Many children and teens participate in youth sports across the country. […]

Fixing the Root Cause | The Key to Lasting Pain Relief

A Patient Reaching at Their Back Showing They are in Pain and a Chiropractor Touching the Same Area | Fixing The Root Cause | The Key To Lasting Pain Relief | St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance

It’s common for athletes to experience different types of pain when they’re constantly pushing and training their muscles to excel in their preferred sport. Still, working through sports injuries can put a serious damper on your performance, body, and mind. Pain relief often includes medical interventions or pain-relieving drugs, usually leading to short-term results and […]