Transcript – 3 Exercises to Relieve Plantar Fasciitis and Improve the Function of Your Feet

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Grant Speer:

If you have foot pain, plantar fasciitis, or simply want to improve the function of your feet, then this video is for you. My name is Grant Speer, and I’m here with St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance. In this video, we’re going to show you three exercises

(Holds up 3 fingers)

that you can do to improve the function of your body by improving the function of your feet.

Grant Speer:

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The first exercise that we’re going to do is simply rolling the bottom of our foot with a golf ball, baseball, lacrosse ball, or tennis ball.

[#1 Foot Rolling]

(Holds up golf ball)

Anything that you can just roll those foot muscles on the bottom of your foot with.

(Rolls bottom of foot with golf ball)

When rolling, you want the golf ball to always be between your heel and the ball of your foot. You can roll in circles, you can roll back and forth, but whenever you find a tender or a thicker area that has a little bit of tenderness to it, you can roll over that area repeatedly like so. Or if you have plantar fasciitis and you know that a certain spot hurts more than the others, you can roll in that area a little bit longer.

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This is good not only to help relieve pain, but can also wake up those foot muscles underneath your foot.

Grant Speer:

[#2 Toe In & Outs]

[Proper Weight Distribution]

[Image of foot bones]

After rolling your foot for about 30 seconds or so with a golf ball, we can do our second exercise, which is moving our toes in and out like will be demonstrated here. So we need the ball of your feet, your heel, and the outside of your foot to all be evenly placed on the ground. Then you’re going to spread your toes out and squeeze them together like so.

(Stretches and spreads toes)

Notice how my toes are staying nice and long and I’m not crunching them up at all when I’m bringing them in like that. So they stay nice and long as they go out and in. Out and in. Start with this one seated and as you get better at it, you can do it standing.

Grant Speer:

Our last exercise is a little bit challenging, but it’s a good one. So if we do my right foot, I’m going to turn and face this way. This is going to be a single leg exercise.

[#3 Single Leg Toe Raises]

(Raises one foot off ground)

(Raises toes up and down)

 So I’m going to bring my left foot off the ground and then keeping my ball of my foot firmly planted on the ground, I’m just raising my toes up and down just like this. All five of them together.

[Great exercise to strengthen the muscle that form your arch!]

This will really work the muscles underneath your arch, as well as work on your motor control for your toes. If you need to support yourself, just simply have an object next to you. Go ahead and try these at home.

Grant Speer:

(Holds up 3 fingers)

These three exercises are guaranteed to improve your foot function, whether or not you have foot pain or plantar fasciitis. If you do have any questions on these exercises, please leave us a comment below. If you do have any foot pain or plantar fasciitis, come in and see us today and we’ll get you an evaluation and treat your foot and we guarantee you’ll have excellent results.

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