Transcript – Our Thorough Approach to Evaluating Plantar Fasciitis

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Grant Speer:

Is your foot pain keeping you from doing your normal activities? Do you think that you may have plantar fasciitis? Hi, my name is Dr. Grant Speer, and I’m here with St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance. In this video today, we want to show you how we evaluate and examine someone with foot pain or someone who thinks that they may have plantar fasciitis. Come on in and we’ll show you how it’s done.

(Music plays)

[ST. Johns Chiropractic & Performace]

[A Thorough Evaluation for Foot Pain]

(Shakes hands with patient)

[Step 1: Hear your Story]

(Talking to patient)

(Patient gestures to foot)

(Grant stretches patient’s ankle/foot)

[Step 2: Examine Your Foot Structure & Shoes]

(Grant discusses and picks up patient’s shoes)

[Step 3: Comprehensive Movement Evaluation]

(Patient raises knees)

(Grant and patient raise leg sideways)

(Patient rolls ankle)

[Step 4: Motor Control Testing]

(Grant feels patient’s ankle as they raise their toes)

[Step 5: Manual Joint & Muscle Assessment]

(Grant stretches the lying down patients leg)

[Step 6: Functional Movement Evaluation]

(Patient walks back and forth)

(Patient squats)

Grant Speer:

At St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance our doors are open and we are very confident that we can evaluate and effectively manage and treat your foot pain today.

(Points at camera)

So come on in and see us and we’ll get you back to moving pain free.

[Thanks For Watching!]

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