We Started a Podcast!

Our podcast has officially launched! You can find the St. Johns Health Podcast on Spotify, Google, or Apple Podcasts! You can now listen to us in the car, while you’re working out, or while you’re getting things done around the house! 

Our podcast is designed to give the residents of St. Johns County, Jacksonville, and other Northeast Florida communities quick and accurate health information by answering common questions about various health topics related to fitness, nutrition, injuries, and pain. 

In a world full of conflicting & “trendy” health information; we combine peer reviewed research with clinical experience, and knowledge in functional anatomy & physiology to give you trusted information to help you manage your pain & live an even healthier lifestyle!

Episodes will typically include Grant and Kaylee discussing common health questions and breaking down the latest relevant research to make it consumable and useful for you! We will also be collaborating with other local health experts from the community in some episodes! 

We aim to keep the episodes between 15-30 minutes & dense with practical information!

Listen to our first episode which is titled “Plantar Fasciitis, Foot Pain, & How to Optimize Your Foot Function.”

Please subscribe to our podcast and leave us a review on Apple or Spotify! Feel free to direct any questions or future topics that you want to be covered to Grant@STJchiro.com.

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