What Are The Most Common Youth Sports Injuries?

We learned in our last article that youth & adolescent sports injuries are fairly common, unfortunately. It is likely that if your child plays a competitive sport for a few years that he or she will have an injury severe enough to keep them out of multiple practices or games.

We discussed how bicycle falls, football, basketball, baseball/softball, and soccer are the most common activities for active kids & teenagers to develop pain or injury. So with this information, we thought it would be appropriate to then present with the most common injuries are in youth athletics!

We at St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance, want to make it clear in this article that we strongly believe that the benefits of youth athletics outweigh the risks which include injuries. However, since we are very passionate about youth athletics and consider this an area of our expertise, we want to present you with the best information out there on the subject so that you are well educated as a local parent, Physical Education (PE) teacher, or sports coach!

Diagnosing & Treating Injuries Near Jacksonville, Florida

At St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance, we help active adults & youth athletes get out of pain quickly & rehabilitate their injuries so they can get back to doing what they love without limitation. Dr. Grant Speer was a collegiate athlete and is an expert in youth sports injuries and knowing the needs and demands of each sport. He has an extensive background in diagnosing aches & pains, finding the root cause of the injury, pain reduction techniques, and rehabilitating the injured tissue to prevent further injury.

We have helped many young athletes in Saint Johns, Florida with joint, muscle, tendon, and nerve pain and have given them lasting solutions to help them get back to their sport pain free!

Most Common Sports Injuries in Saint Johns, Florida

As we mentioned in a previous blog, muscle strains are the most common injury in youth athletics. (1) They typically happens in all sports that involve some sort of running, sudden motions, change of direction, and repetitive movements – which practically includes all major sports to some degree. Baseball, soccer, football, and golf are sports that we commonly see muscle strains in here in Saint Johns. Muscle strains can limit athletes for a matter of days or months depending on the severity and grade of the strain.

Girl playing tennis without knee pain

Overall, the most common areas of the body for you to get injured is the ankle, knee, hand, elbow, head, neck, and shoulder – in that order. (1) As you can see, that is very different from the most common locations that active adults get injured. In our experience at our clinic in Saint Johns, we have seen a lot of ankle, knee, wrist, hip, shoulder, low back, and neck pain from the young athletes that come in to get treated by us.

Ankle sprains are very common injury that often happens with soccer, football, and basketball. Stephen Curry is an example of a basketball player who has been plagued with ankle injuries throughout his career. Concussions are a very common head injury that usually happens with football or soccer mainly. Mainly professional athletes including Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have had concussions throughout their career.

Osgood-Schlatters is a very common knee injury that often occurs during growth spurts where the bones are growing faster than the muscles. Pain is often felt just below the kneecap and it often happens in sports involving running and jumping. Little Leaguers Elbow, Sever’s Disease, tendinitis, and bruises are other very common youth athletics injuries that can cause enough pain to miss practice and games. (1)

Unfortunately, ACL tears are becoming more common in US foods. This is likely due to more games being played, overuse, and lack of strength training. Female athletes are much more likely to injure their ACL compared to males.

We have had previous blogs on muscle strains, concussions, ankle sprains, Osgood-Schlatters, and many more if you are looking to find out additional information on these injuries!

What To Do About Youth Athletics Injuries in 32259

To receive a proper diagnosis and the best treatment in your area, it is important to go to a conservative sports medicine provider like a physical therapist or a chiropractor that is well-versed in pediatrics, orthopedics, sports injuries, and demands and biomechanics of your sport or activity. They will take you through an in-depth assessment that includes a full body physical screening, evaluating how the athlete moves, and fully assessing the muscles, joints, nerves, and bones. They also can provide treatment options such as manipulation, myofascial release, cupping therapy, sports taping, rehab exercises, and much more!

If you know someone in the Saint Johns, Florida area (Durbin Crossing, Aberdeen, RiverTown, Julington Creek Plantation, Beachwalk, Silverleaf) who is not able to live the active lifestyle that they want because of an injury or pain and could benefit from our thorough approach and comprehensive care, please share this post with them or send them our way!

We are conveniently located just south of Jacksonville in between CR 210 and Race Track Road, near where St. Johns Parkway and Longleaf Pine intersect! Right across the street from Patriot Oaks Academy in the 32259 zip code! Only 4 minutes from Durbin Park! We are committed to offering the best chiropractic care near you!

We help active adults & youth athletes get out of pain quickly & rehabilitate their injuries so they can get back to doing what they love pain-free! So, whether you’re looking to make a lifestyle change, recover from chronic pain, or become a better athlete, our experts at St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance can help you improve.

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