Why Movement-based Therapy Is the Key to Treating Back and Neck Pain

The Problems Caused by Sedentary Lifestyles

Do you spend your days behind a desk and your evenings binge-watching your favorite show? You’re leading a sedentary lifestyle, meaning your hours of inactivity far outweigh the time you spend moving your body.

Lack of physical activity causes problems like weight gain, inflammation, poor circulation, and loss of muscle strength and bone mass. Inactivity increases your risk of developing chronic diseases, including heart disease, elevated cholesterol and blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and stroke.

Movement-based therapy is essential to addressing these issues, providing a holistic approach to changing your sedentary lifestyle and improving your health.

The Benefits of Movement-based Therapy

Don’t despair—even if your job requires you to spend extended time sitting down, there are several ways to incorporate more movement into your life. At St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance, we recommend movement-based therapy along with our chiropractic services.  

The theory behind movement-based therapy is to encourage people with chronic conditions to be more proactive about their health. By participating in movement-based therapy, you improve your physical and mental health. 

Research proves that practicing movement-based therapies such as yoga, pilates, tai chi, and qigong offers the following benefits:   

  • Decrease in pain and stiffness
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved mental health
  • Increased strength 
  • Boost in cognition and overall mood
  • Improved balance and coordination

Movement-based therapy
is entirely customizable, allowing people of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels to enjoy the rewards of increased physical activity.

How St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance Can Help You Move More Freely

At St. Johns Chiropractic, we address the symptoms of your pain and discomfort at the source. For example, we offer various options for treating sciatica, back, neck, and other related pain issues. 

Some methods we use include (but are not limited to) the following:

Spinal Adjustments

Sometimes, the root of your sciatica pain is spinal misalignment. Chiropractic manipulation realigns your spinal column and reduces inflammation, spasms, and pain.

Personalized Stretches and Exercise Plans

Utilizing the correct type of stretch or physical exercise to address your pain often provides instant relief from pain and other sciatica symptoms.

Cold Therapy

Icing the area of pain helps reduce inflammation around the nerve.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

A TENS machine stimulates the muscles in the area affected by sciatica, helping relieve pain and muscle spasms.  

At St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance, we work with you to discover the root cause of your pain, tailoring your treatment to fit your needs. 

Tips for Incorporating More Movement Into Your Day-to-Day Life

It may seem impossible to fit one more thing into your day, but incorporating more physical activity into your life is easier than you think. A few minutes a few times daily allows you to reap the benefits of movement without investing tons of time.

  • Take a walk (or two). Even a five-minute walk a few times a day benefits your body!
  • Park farther away, or take the stairs. The extra few steps quickly add to your daily movement totals.
  • Stretch. Do this at your desk, on the couch, first thing in the morning. Periodic gentle neck and back stretches help keep your body moving. 

Setting a timer to move a little every hour is a good reminder, giving you a quick break to reset and refocus.

Don’t Ignore Your Pain | Schedule an Assessment With a Professional

If you are suffering from back or neck pain, it’s time to schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained chiropractors. Let us help you discover the root of your pain and recommend the type of movement-based therapy that best alleviates your pain and improves your health. Please don’t ignore your pain, hoping it gets better on its own. Take action with your partners at St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance. 

St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance | Chiropractor in St. Johns, Florida

At St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance in St. Johns, FL, we spend the time necessary to ensure your treatment is personalized to your needs and goals, getting you back to health as soon as possible. Whether you have neck or back pain, our team is here to help eliminate the pain and recommend the options to stay active to prevent the pain from coming back.

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