Building Healthy Lifestyles

Building Healthy Lifestyles

We know that there are many good people, like you, in our community that are looking for ways to building healthy lifestyles, but they just do not know where or how to start. Maybe your lack of energy and brain fog is limiting your potential at work and home. It might be that your kids or grandkids are growing, and you are afraid that soon your extra weight and aching joints and muscles will limit you from being able to keep up with them. Or maybe you feel your athletic performance has plateaued and you are afraid your current training and recovery habits are not going to take your speed, strength, and endurance any farther. You could even be one of the many people who has heard that eating right, exercising, and a good sleep schedule can improve your mental and physical health but are confused on where to begin.

We understand the people of our community’s health goals and that you are trying to be even healthier individuals. The problem is the sea of health information on the internet is tricky waters to navigate through. There are enough claims and reports to drown anyone looking for solid data and steps on how to improve their health. The truth is, there is a lot of good information available from some excellent researchers, clinicians, and authors; however, there is just as much conflicting and confusing information out that make it difficult to know what to believe and where to begin.

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This is where we at St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance step in. We are extremely passionate about our own health and Dr. Speer has taken many hours of continuing education courses in building healthy lifestyles and performance; and dedicates many hours in his current schedule staying up to date on the current research in the health field. He has taken the time to sift and decipher through the good and bad health information, so you do not have to.

We understand that everyone is at a different spot on their health journey, and we will meet you where you are. We take the time to get to know you, your health goals, and why these goals are important to you. After this, we will then use our health expertise to map out a sustainable plan that works with your schedule and will get you where you want to be.

At St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance, the patient and Dr. Speer always mutually agree on a plan going forward that consists of realistic goals and a step-by-step approach. We do not force our lifestyle recommendations upon you, and Dr. Speer will also never ask you to do something that he wouldn’t do himself.

Our staff’s positive energy will always encourage you even when you do not believe in yourself. We challenge you to give us the opportunity to help you get started on your health journey. Bypass the generalized claims and the confusing online reports that are just designed to steal your attention. Come in and meet with the professionals who are interested in getting to know you and will create a specific plan for you!

Our convenient location puts us just a few minutes away from wherever you live or work in our community. And though we would rather have the opportunity to meet you in person, we do offer video chat Telehealth appointments. So, you have no excuse!

So, get rid of the mid-day energy crash, the extra weight, and the aching muscles and joints that prevent you from doing what you love with the ones you love. Come in and talk to us and find out how building healthy lifestyles can help you accomplish your goals!