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Far too often, what passes for chiropractic care is the reactive treatment of injuries on an almost impersonal basis. In contrast to this cookie-cutter approach, our experienced and expert chiropractic doctor gets to know you on a personal basis. We take the time to understand you and your lifestyle in order to discover the underlying causes of your injury.

This approach allows us to offer targeted therapies tailored to each of our valued patients and makes us your go-to chiropractor in St. Johns, FL.

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Chiropractic Care

If you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer joint and soft tissue pain, then you can definitely benefit from our wide-ranging chiropractic care programs at St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance Services. Some of our chiropractic treatment options include detailed diagnosis, joint manipulation therapies, exercise rehabilitation programs, manual therapy, nutritional therapy, and lifestyle management.

We make sure that you receive effective care for your joint, soft-tissue, and performance-related injuries. Our non-invasive approach doesn’t use surgery or drugs, which allows you to recover faster and avoid potentially harmful drug side effects.

Joint and soft tissue injuries are common, and at our facility, we have a robust injury rehabilitation program customized for your specific needs.

Our chiropractic experts can help you recover from injuries that may limit your quality of life and athletic performance. With our treatment programs, you can not only recover from your injury, but you can also regain lost ranges of motion and mobility.

If you are an athlete with chronic issues, we can analyze your movement and suggest changes to help you recover and perform at your best. Improving your movement and motion can also prevent future sports-related joint and soft tissue problems.

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Performance Training

Whether you are a high-performance athlete or wish to improve your fitness, our performance training programs can help. We host both group and private sessions, and we design a custom training regimen that supports your health and fitness goals.

We work with athletes of all ages and have a passion for treating sports-related injuries.

If you are new to fitness training, our National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) certified expert will serve as your guide.

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Nutritional Therapy

For your body to repair itself and perform at top levels, it needs the building blocks to make this happen. This means that eating a diet rich in quality foods can help you heal faster from injuries.

Say goodbye to fad diets and learn from our nutritionists how to build a balanced, healthy diet. By completing our diet evaluation and eating the recommended foods, you can strengthen your muscles and joints and prevent many physical problems in the first place.

Youth athlete using Normatec compression therapy

Normatec Boots

We provide cutting-edge recovery and performance improvement technologies like Normatec Boots. These devices are special compression boots that fit around your feet, lower, and upper legs. They provide timed compression pulses that can boost circulation, reduce muscle soreness, and prevent inflammation.

Medical studies that included Olympians and control groups found that athletes who used Normatec Compression Boots after vigorous exercise experienced reduced soreness in the treated areas. If you are an athlete, our Normatec therapy can help you to enjoy these same benefits.

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As your local chiropractor near Jacksonville, FL, we provide services that aim to improve your health on all levels. From your initial consultation to the end of your treatment regimen, you can count on getting focused and personalized services that you won’t find anywhere else.

Call St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance Services today at 904-217-7078 for a free and personalized consultation.