Normatec Compression Boots

When Dr. Speer is in the office and he is not treating patients, it is a safe bet that he is reading or finishing notes while hooked up to the Normatec Compression Boots! These boots increase circulation and blood flow and are proven to promote recovery and decrease muscle fatigue, inflammation, and soreness after exercise. Making them a great tool when preparing for or recovering from a big game or event.

The Normatec sleeves cover you from your feet up to the top of your thighs and deliver pulsed compression during your session. Even if you are skeptical of the research presented below, come in and try it for yourself and you will feel the difference!     

In this study, 20 male athletes were divided into two groups and each of these groups underwent high volume, rigorous lower body physical activity for 3 days. One group used the Normatec Compression Boots for recovery after each exercise session and the other group received a sham recovery method. The Normatec group had very significantly less muscle soreness than the sham group and maintained flexibility in their legs while the sham group had a significant decrease in flexibility. – Public Library of Science One (2017)

Normatec Compression Boots

In a study of 24 male and female Olympic athletes, 12 of them received Normatec Compression Boots and the other 12 received sham treatment. The athletes that received Normatec for recovery had less muscle soreness immediately after treatment and even had less muscle soreness following their next workout. This proved that Normatec not only has immediate short-term effects but also that it has longer lasting effects. – Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research (2015)

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