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What Are Normatec Compression Boots and How Do They Work?

Normatec Compression Boots are sleeves that cover the feet and legs and provide a massaging sensation to stimulate blood flow and circulation. They also help promote injury recovery and decrease muscle fatigue, inflammation, and soreness after exercise. By applying and releasing pressure at expertly-calculated intervals, the boots essentially act as more effective compression socks for the whole leg.

At St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance, we promote these specialized boots to Florida residents to optimize blood flow from the toes to the upper thighs. Recent studies show that these boots can reduce swelling and inflammation in the tissues and muscle fibers with just one use. Without them, long-term pain and stiffness can prevail. Contact our team today to schedule your appointment

How Our Chiropractic Office Uses Normatec Compression Boots to Provide Relief

Our Normatec Boots provide a tightening sensation similar to a blood pressure cuff. The inflation starts at the ankles before progressing upward, gripping the legs to enhance blood circulation. The deep tissue massage comes in three patterns:

· Pulsing: Replicates our bodies’ natural muscle pump action to remove fluids from our tissues faster.

· Gradients: Assists the lymphatic vessels by using maximum pressure to deter fluid from flowing backward.

· Distal release: Creates a rest time between pulsing, giving the body time to recuperate and heal since constant pressure can harm circulation. 

Grant Speer, DC, CSCS, and his wife Kaylee Speer, ATC, RN, perform these sessions regularly for eager patients. With years of experience providing relief to those in need, the Speers are experts you can trust to help eliminate your pain.

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The Benefits of Using Normatec Boots for Relief

Normatec Compression Boots can help you heal faster after vigorous activity and keeps your overall health in check. Better blood flow sends higher levels of oxygen and nutrients to your cells and clears away waste. It also eradicates the risk of dangerous blood clots, fluid retention, and other alarming health concerns. 

However, the benefits don’t stop there:

  • The massage treatment reduces some inflammatory cytokine levels, which would otherwise cause redness, pain, and swelling in the afflicted area.
  • It increases flexibility and motion by reducing muscle tension.
  • The pulsations reduce swelling by draining the lymph vessels, eliminating waste, and removing water accumulation.
  • The process limits downtime after exercise
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Who Should Use Normatec Compression Boots?

These boots are a harmless holistic approach to alleviating pain and stiffness in the muscles and joints. Anyone, from teenagers to the elderly, can benefit from their unique features to help reduce pain. Our most popular patients include those with a hectic cycle of never-ending responsibilities, which causes them to be on their feet all day. 

Other typical patients include:

  • Athletes or those in training who place excessive stress on their legs regularly
  • Pregnant women
  • Those with poor circulation from sitting or resting for long periods
Normatec Compression Boots | St. Johns Chiropractic Performance

When Are Normatec Compression Boots Most Effective?

Our compression boots are effective after just one use for many scenarios, whether to improve mobility immediately after an injury or diminish a long-standing ache. However, many feel the full benefits when using the boots to prevent injuries in the first place.

Using these boots as a preventative method before intense activity or in the early stages of pregnancy increases energy and positively affects strength and endurance. Many also use them to cut downtime when apprehensive about keeping up with work, exercise, or life regimens.

These boots assist with physical ailments from painful legs to full-body exhaustion. The moment you realize you might benefit from Normatec Boots, contact your trusted chiropractor in St. Johns, Floridato learn if the boots can help you. 

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For those unsure where to begin their wellness journey, consider our Normatec Compression Boots as the first step. Not only will our boots restabilize your body and create a healthy foundation for you to work with, but Dr. Grant will use his ongoing studies in the health field to help you meet the rest of your health goals. 

Our unique wellness services allow us to work individually with you to create a rehabilitation plan that’ll have you back to your routine in no time. Contact St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance, your qualified chiropractor near Jacksonville, FL, at 904-217-7078 today!