Grant Speer, DC, CSCS

Grant grew up in a health-conscious and sports-minded family. He enjoyed competing in different sports his whole childhood and by his teenage years he had developed a passion for studying exercise, nutrition, and other habits to try to figure out ways to become a better athlete. During his undergraduate studies, Grant played collegiate basketball, completed internships doing sports performance training, and became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science in 2017, he started a business doing personal training and basketball lessons. Motivated by his own injuries in sports, his passion for studying health and fitness, and many encouraging mentors along the way; Grant enrolled in the Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) program at Logan University in St. Louis. By the time Grant graduated from Logan, he had learned and interned under some of the best Chiropractors in the country and spent 2 years teaching underclassmen chiropractic and rehabilitation techniques.  

Kaylee Speer, ATC, RN

Kaylee has always had a passion for health and fitness and using it to enhance her life. She grew up playing various sports and was an award-winning swimmer at Eastern Illinois University where she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in athletic training in 2016.

During her time in the athletic training program, she provided treatment for various athletes including soft-tissue therapy and exercise rehabilitation to ensure the athletes were ready to perform at their most optimal level in the next game.

Following graduation, she obtained her athletic training license and worked in a variety of settings including chiropractic, orthopedic, teaching mobility classes, and providing sports coverage and injury rehabilitation for high school athletes.

She then decided to return to school to pursue a degree as a registered nurse which she just graduated from in May of 2021. She has a positive personality and a passion for helping others. She seeks to help people improve their health and as a result, their overall quality of life.

St. Johns Chiropractic Team | Dr. Grant Speer and Kaylee Speer

Grant and Kaylee got married in June of 2021 and have loved being a part of the St. Johns community! Together they enjoy being outside, exercising, reading, spending time at the beach, and going on walks together.

Grant providing chiropractic Services

I did not solely choose the health field just because I wanted to help people, I also chose it because I am extremely passionate about all things health. I have spent a significant amount of time studying health subjects such as exercise, rehabilitation, nutrition, and sleep, and many additional hours practicing my chiropractic skills. I want to help the people of St. Johns and the surrounding areas meet their health goals and give them the tools they need to live even healthier lives. Whether your goals are getting out of pain, losing weight, becoming stronger, gaining mobility, and much more; we at St. John’s Chiropractic & Performance have several tools we can use to help you achieve your goals. Our approach always starts by getting to know you, hearing your story, and mutually agreeing on a personalized plan that will get you where you want to be as quickly as we can.

Grant Speer, DC, CSCS