Pain To 1st Place! – How This Patient Quickly Started Cycling Again!

Today we want to highlight (brag on) the awesome work of one of our favorite patients!

Rodger is an active cyclist and runner who was having low back pain during his rides. This pain bothered him during his runs and it had forced him to quit cycling for a period of time.

When we first met Rodger, we could tell he was eager to get better and he was an active participant in his recovery! He diligently did his exercises at home that were designed to improve low back mobility and stability.

Rodger was quickly able to get back to cycling and running pain-free and he recently finished first place in a local 5k run!

During our initial exam, we saw Rodger’s low back and hip mobility could be improved as well as his core stability. Here we show a few clips of what our treatment looked like with Rodger:

  • Dead Bug Exercise
  • Hip Rolling
  • Spinal Manipulation (adjustment)

Getting You Back To What You Love!

At St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance, we help active adults & youth athletes get out of pain quickly & rehabilitate their injuries so they can get back to doing what they love without limitation. Dr. Grant Speer is an expert with sports injuries and has an extensive background in diagnosing aches & pains, finding the root cause of the injury, pain reduction techniques, and rehabilitating the injured tissue to prevent further injury.

We have helped many people in Saint Johns, Florida with joint, muscle, and soft tissue pain and have found lasting solutions to help them stay active without pain!

Treating Low Back Pain in Saint Johns, Florida

If you know someone in the Saint Johns, Florida area (Durbin Crossing, Aberdeen, RiverTown, Julington Creek Plantation, Beachwalk, Silverleaf) who is not able to live the active lifestyle that they want because of an injury or pain and could benefit from our thorough approach and comprehensive care, please share this post with them or send them our way!

We are conveniently located just south of Jacksonville in between CR 210 and Race Track Road, near where St. Johns Parkway and Longleaf Pine intersect! Right across the street from Patriot Oaks Academy in the 32259 zip code! Only 4 minutes from Durbin Park! We are committed to offering the best chiropractic care near you!

We help active adults & youth athletes get out of pain quickly & rehabilitate their injuries so they can get back to doing what they love pain-free! So, whether you’re looking to make a lifestyle change, recover from chronic pain, or become a better athlete, our experts at St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance can help you improve.

Do you need a chiropractor in St. Johns, Florida? Contact or call/text us today at 904-217-7078 to schedule your appointment.



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