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Dr. Grant Recently Completed This Powerful Sports Injury Course!

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At St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance, we are completely committed to being the absolute best that we can be when it comes to assessing injuries, treating sports injuries, preventing her injuries, and sports recovery! We do this by offering high quality injury rehabilitation and this includes learning new techniques & ideas to keep up with what the current research is saying.

Dr. Grant Speer takes many hours of continuing education courses that are well above the minimum requirement of 20 hours a year for chiropractic physicians in Florida. He does this so that he can continually improve his craft and make sure that his patients are getting the best care that we can possibly offer!

Dr. Grant recently completed the 33 hour course “Train Smarter & Harder” by the Gabbett Performance Institute, taught by world renowned strength coach and researcher Tim Gabbett! Tim works with professional sports teams all across the world including major league baseball, the national basketball association, the national football league, and professional soccer leagues.

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Tim Gabbett is part of the reason terms such as “load management” and “workload management” have gained popularity in the world of sports performance and injury rehabilitation. The main objective of this course was to teach sports trainer, coaches, and physicians (orthopedists, chiropractors, physical therapists, athletic trainers) how to help their patients and clients (primarily athletes) lessen their likelihood for injury & how to best prevent future injury when recovering from a previous injury!

He revealed research and data showing the trends in sports injuries, recovering from those injuries, and how to prevent these injuries from occurring again. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to injury rehabilitation is avoiding activity. We tend to have the mindset that simply resting will help us heal and get us back to 100%. This is far from the truth and the research shows that you need to be stronger than you were whenever you got injured in order to prevent against future injury.

However, people make a lot of mistakes by simply just trying to get strong. Well timed hard workouts, biomechanics, nutrition, and sleep play a large role in recovering from injury and preventing future injury. This course taught us how to train our athletes hard, to train smart, to recover hard, and make the most of your workouts!

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Northeast Florida has a lot of great athletes and active people that want to improve their health. Don’t let injuries keep you down! Visit your local sports chiropractor in Saint Johns, Florida or athletic therapist to get the best treatment for your injury and a plan to stay pain-free!

If you have struggled with chronic injuries like sciatica, low back pain, or hip pain; or are hesitant to get back into activity or sport, please allow our clinic the privilege of guiding you back into what you love to do safely! Schedule below or call our clinic at 904-217-7078!

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