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How to Alleviate Lower Back Pain from Golf Swing

The Basics of a Good Golf Swing

It’s common for individuals to develop lower back pain from golf swing issues. Good posture and follow-through are essential to prevent pain and lingering joint damage. With the proper technique, you can reduce joint pain while playing golf. 

A good golf swing should start close to the ball, and your body should perform a fluid motion when swinging. While aiming, your body should remain parallel to the ball, while the club should point towards the target.

Your golf swing should cause no discomfort. During the swing, your entire trunk should turn as you move, your legs should remain open, and your heel should raise to allow full movement.

If your golf swing isn’t up to par, chiropractors can provide tips on how to improve your golf swing and help restore your posture. Chiropractic services and other holistic treatments can provide more relief. 

Common Mistakes That Lead to Lower Back Pain

Some individuals wonder, “Is golf bad for lower back pain?” Several mistakes can lead to lower back pain in healthy individuals when playing golf. If you deal with physical discomfort after returning from the golf course, you may be making the following mistakes:

  • Not warming up before playing golf: Despite less physical activity than other sports, golf can still be demanding. Your muscles and joints require a warm-up before golf, just like any other sport. 
  • Having improper posture: Sticking your backside out too much or not bending enough at the knee is a significant cause of pain during your golf swing. 
  • Poor follow-through: Not shifting your weight correctly while swinging can cause improper muscle extension and damage your joints with continued incorrect techniques.
  • Using the wrong muscles while swinging: Golfers who utilize the wrong muscle groups can face strain and tears.

How Chiropractic Care Can Correct Mistakes and Prevent Pain

Chiropractic care can correct the mistakes golfers deal with and prevent lower back pain by analyzing problem areas and developing an effective treatment plan that reduces strain in these locations. Joint manipulation is instrumental in this treatment process, while additional chiropractic services like massage therapy can ease pain and restore normal muscle movement.

When you work with a chiropractor, you receive individualized care that pinpoints the cause of your lower back pain from your golf swing. They understand the main reasons for your back pain and how improper movements affect your joint and muscle health. Their strategies reduce inflammation, improve mobility, and more.

Chiropractors implement pain prevention techniques and can advise you on proper posture. Skilled professionals perform diagnostic assessments and discuss your symptoms to determine the best treatment course.

Many chiropractors have experience treating athletes and those with active lifestyles.  They’ll offer insight into your golf swing mistakes to prevent further issues. They also feature top-of-the-line equipment that aids in your recovery.

Exercises to Strengthen Your Back and Prevent Pain

In addition to regular adjustments and sports performance training, chiropractors may implement unique exercises to increase your back strength and ease pain. Warm-ups, including core and spine exercises, are essential.

  • Warm-up exercises: These exercises increase blood flow and prepare the muscles and joints for use. Jumping jacks, practice swings, and stretching are top suggestions.
  • Core strengthening exercises: Exercises that strengthen your trunk ensure you have adequate stability when swinging golf clubs. Your spine strains less as it doesn’t have to support the entire swing.
  • Thoracic extension exercises: Spine extension exercises help maintain flexibility and balance while reducing spinal pressure when making a swinging motion. They’ll also keep shoulder and chest muscles from straining.

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