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Chiropractic Adjustments Help Your Spine and Joints Move Better!

Arthritis, joint pain, back pain, tightness during exercise – what do all of these things have in common? They all have to do with restrictions in joint mobility and tightness in our joints. Everyone in the Saint Johns area has felt these symptoms at times and may even suffer from them everyday.

When our joints are not moving properly; whether it be in our low back, our neck, our hips, or any other joint in the body; we are not able to freely move as we should and places additional stress on other areas of the body that have to compensate.

Long-term this compensation can lead to back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, and other aches and pains in our bodies. We recently discussed that chiropractic adjustments do not move bones or push your spine back into normal alignment.

This does not mean that adjustments are not effective! As manipulation as many great benefits to our muscles, joints, nerves, and other areas of our body. Today we will discuss how chiropractic adjustments and spinal manipulation help your joints move better!

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Here at St. Johns Chiropractic & Performance, our staff is committed to helping the people in St. Johns County move better and feel better through effective chiropractic treatment and hands on rehabilitation. 

Dr. Grant Speer is a former collegiate athlete who is passionate about helping people recover from sports injuries and helping people achieve their health goals, whatever that may look like. As a chiropractic physician in sports injury specialist, he can help you gain the mobility and strength you need to live and perform pain-free!

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Two bones do come together to make a joint, but like we’ve discussed, the bones are not actually moving into a new location after the adjustment; the adjustment is simply taking your joints passed their normal range of motion.

There are actually several research studies that discuss and support that it is the joints that are being adjusted and not the bones! But now why does this even matter? Because it changes the framework of how we think about our spine and adjustments.

Those that believe that vertebrae can go out of place and get put back in place with an adjustment often fall into a mindset where they believe they need to be very cautious when exercising or doing activity because certain forces may cause a vertebrae to go out of alignment.

Your spine is not out of place and in need of someone putting it back into normal alignment, though it may feel that way. Your joints simply get stiff and don’t move as well as they should and when you get adjusted, you feel more loose and mobile!

We live in such a nice climate here in Northeast Florida! A lot of people like to exercise outdoors here in St. Johns County. Please do not be worried about exercise and other activities ruining your spine or causing more damage in your back. We are here to encourage you to exercise and to let you know that your spine is strong! A lot of us just simply need a little extra mobility in your back and as we have learned today, chiropractic adjustment can be one therapy that can help improve that mobility!



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